Monday, July 18, 2011

Itchy Feet

There are two things that I irrevocably love. One, as you might have guessed, is travelling. (This blog is a direct result of that affair.) The other one is dance!

Specifically, swing dancing.

I started around January 2010, so not that long ago. And I am now getting ready to enter my third year of college as co-president of my school's swing dance club.

In my normal life I usually dance at LEAST once if not twice or three times a week. And now I have not danced in a month. I am ready to explode. And if and when I do, it may or may not be pretty.

It hit me when I was in Nanjing (for the second time with a larger group of people, story coming soon), when we were waiting for the bus and I was attempting to play music to distract everyone. I came upon Frankie Manning's T'aint What You Do and the urge to get up and dance was undeniable. I ended up shuffling out a rendition of the shim sham (click for video demo) and then I was sorely wishing for any of my companions to know lindy hop (demo).

Now, it's like I have an itch I can't scratch. I could go days without listening to my music, but now I can't stop. I need to dance. To music that I know, that's not techno club-beat music. A partner who can lead and respond.

I found a place in Shanghai. I need to go. Next chance, definitely...

I need to scratch this itch!

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  1. >.< Sounds horrible! I feel SO lucky that South Korea is a huge swing dancing hub. I didn't even find that out until after I was accepted into the program, but I felt so relieved to know that there will be something I love overseas. Something I can do to relieve stress and a place to go to that will make me feel closer to home. I'm so sorry you can't dance girl! Missing dance for time overseas is worth it though. You won't have to put up without it for much longer, so just keep swimming, and you'll be home to dance before you know it! :)